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Oct 19

Seems reasonable


Oct 18, 2018

Do we need another version of this hot video??



Oct 17, 2018

These people are too stupid!


Oct 16, 2018

Send him to jail!


Oct 15, 2018

Post Malone looks like a hipster ex con…


October 12

Yep, rich and good looking, I’d be emotional too…



Oct 11, 2018

She is proud of crazy!


Oct 10, 2018

I guess if she dressed like that she could prank me too…



Oct 9, 2018

This is where Shawn Mendes career is heading… to the classroom…



Oct 8, 2018

What is happening?!?!  How can I get in on stupid stuff?!?!?



October 5, 2018

Damn government… what about freedom of sex?!?!?


October 4, 2018

I’d vote for you!


Oct 3, 2018

Pete Davidson joke about tic tacs…



October 2, 2018

The 80’s were a hell of a time….


Sept 27, 2018

This is just sad…



September 26, 2018

Teachers can be funny too…



Sept 25

What happens if you have to pee?



Sept 24, 2018

Watch yourself there!



Sept 21, 2018

Weird Roommate stories from Fallon…



September 20, 2018

Crackhead kitty…



Sept 19, 2018

Out of ideas or still good???




sEPTEMBER 18, 2018

Did you watch??


Sept 17, 2018

Heres a dark spin on Sabrina the Teenage Witch… creepy???



Sept 14, 2018




Sept 13, 2018

Why???  Jail for stupidity please…



Sept 12, 2018

Is Ariana talented or overrated??



Sept 11, 2018

Homecoming Queen Makes Game-Winning Kick On Football Field


Sept 10, 2018

Is she being sincere???



September 7, 2018

RIP Burt…


Sept 6, 2018

Ok kids… good luck!


SEPT 5, 2018

That could be a problem… what did we learn… stay away from nasty fish



September 4, 2018

Now that school is in…


Aug 31, 2018

Teens arrested for robbing the same house twice in 1 day

WOODSTOCK, Ga. — Authorities say two teens have been arrested after robbing a Georgia home twice in one day.

Citing a Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office release, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports 18-year-old Jarrell Bankston and a 16-year-old were arrested Wednesday. The two were taken into custody on charges including burglary and possession of drug-related objects. Police haven’t released the identity of the 16-year-old.

The release says the teens robbed the Woodstock home earlier that day and were spotted trying to re-enter it. The release says they ran when deputies arrived but were later arrested. It says deputies recovered a backpack believed to have been taken from the home. The backpack held clothing, two knives, drug-related objects and less than an ounce of marijuana.


Aug 30, 2018

In honor of you sports fans…


AUG 29, 2018

Makes me proud to be an American…



August 27, 2018

Thats what you get!


August 24, 2018

Ever been hanging out and something happens to make you pee yourself?!?!?


August 23, 2018

This school is a trip… kidding me?



August 22, 2018

Anyone still watching this??  VMA open…



August 21, 2018

Thanks to Karen for sending this in… Its last year but still funny…


August 20, 2018

Are you wearing a man bun at the same time??


aUGUST 9, 2018

Its kinda campy… but this guy probably sold his soul to the devil!



August 7, 2018

Gators dont care how cute you are… they’ll eat you!



August 6, 2018

Its all in fun… its not mean!  Well kinda…



august 3, 2018

Im not sure…