Hi! I’m Mia. This is me.

– I’m a Cancer (Born in July)
– My hair is crazy curly
– I love all animals (my dogs name is Rudy)
– I’m a University of Toledo Alumni (Graduated in 2018)
–  I am super passionate about everything I do
– The park is one of my favorite places (I’m obsessed with trees)
– I can sit and draw for hours
– I shaved my hair short once (I’m not crazy, it was a style)
– Most of my favorite movies are from the 80’s
– I once chipped my front tooth (I cried)
– I love taking pictures and seeing the world from different perspectives
– I recycle like it’s my job
– I dance in public often (it embarrasses my boyfriend)
– I’m a lover of all Music
– I’m a lover of all people
– And I love being able to reach people everyday through my personality and through music. It makes my world happy.

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