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June 22, 2018



June 21, 2018

Really? He got Ariana???



June 20, 2018

This cat gets winded sleeping…



June 19, 2018

Ok movie nerds…



June 18, 2018

That’s…. Interesting….



jUNE 15, 2018

Feral peacocks… whats next?!?!



June 14, 2018

Stay out of my town!



jUNE 13, 2018

What a man!



June 12, 2018

How many do you really wanna see???



June 11, 2018

David Spade on Ellen…


jUNE 8, 2018

Shawn Mendes is cute…


June 7, 2018

Fun at the Finals…



June 6, 2018

Watch: America’s Got Talent Recap videos

America’s Got Talent 2018 Recap Week 2 Auditions, Performance Videos



June 5, 2018

I sent my money in…



June 4, 2018

She seems stable…



MAY 31, 2018

For all you Karate Kid nerds!



May 23, 2018

What a good student…


May 21, 2018

Footage from the Royal Wedding….



May 18, 2018

Deadpool 2 insults…



May 16, 2018

Not sure why… but I want one…



May 15, 2018

You know how the crazy ones are…



May 14, 2018

Thanks Mom!



May 9, 2018

Avenger movies are fun and all… but the bow and arrow guy isn’t that important…



May 8, 2018

Could you just stop please…


May 7, 2018

Do you just kinda shake your head at Kanye now?!



May 4, 2018

Superintendent Accused Of Pooping At School’s Athletic Fields

One community member said there’d been at least eight deposits of evidence in the last few months.

Holmdel High School staff and athletic coaches had alerted a school resource officer “that they were finding human feces” at or near the track and football field “on a daily basis,” according to the Asbury Park Press, and an investigation was launched.

School staffers monitored the field until they identified Tramaglini, 42, as a suspect, but Holmdel police Sgt. Theodore Sigismondi declined to tell CBS News how he was ID’d as the suspect or whether officers caught him in the act.

Although Sigismondi wouldn’t say how long the school’s athletic fields have been fouled, one community member told Patch New Jersey there had been at least eight poop detections in the past few months.

The accused “pooperintendent” has not responded to press inquiries, but he is due in court Monday to answer to the charges, according to



May 3, 2018

I thought his name was “Stoner”… usually only guys that are high do this…



May 2, 2018

The Japanese used to make everything… no chance I’m doing this!


May 1, 2018

5-1 these might be new on the Q



April 27, 2018

Superpowers! I have one…






April 25, 2018

All you movie nerds out there, part of the cast of the Avengers on Kimmel…




April 24, 2018

Can I have a kitty???




April 18, 2018


APRIL 17, 2018

London Police Shut Down A Rave In An Abandoned Toys R Us




April 16, 2018

This seems like a hard story to figure out…