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What We Do:

• Radio Advertising
• Interactive Website Advertising
• Event Marketing
• Creative Script Writing
• Commercial Production
• Voice-over Talent

Cumulus Sales Department

Call Heather Klingensmith at 419-725-5761 or at [email protected]


Radio reaches 94% of every man, woman and teen in Toledo every week… and each person listens an average of nearly 3 hours a day! Cumulus stations alone reach 652,000 listeners in a typical annual campaign. Cumulus stations outperform the nearest competitor by over 20%.

The average person in Toledo listens nearly 3 hours per day to radio. With radio you will reach your targeted audience over and over again. With Cumulus’ competitive pricing, you can create a powerful ad campaign within budget.

Radio targets specific audiences with specific formats, allowing you to zero in on your best prospect and reduce waste. Cumulus stations are formatted to reach Men, Women, Adults, 18-34, 18-49, 25-54, 35-64, and lifestyles of Country and Sports. And Cumulus reaches the BEST CONSUMERS: Cumulus influences $4.5 Billion of the $7.2 Billion consumers will spend in Toledo this year.

Power of Sound
Sound is intrusive, attention getting, and inexpensive to produce. Emotional or logical, Tell your story with Radio. Cumulus provides creative and production services to advertisers.