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Welcome to the Bert Show.

Let’s start with 100% honesty. If you’re new to our fam than you have to know a few things. Every person on this show suffers from TMI syndrome. There’s probably about 10% of our personal lives that’s totally off limits. It’s kind of reality radio but our number one goal is to make sure you laugh a few times before you have to enter the real world.

I’m proud that the show has heart, also. I have a nonprofit called Bert’s Big Adventure. We take children that have chronic and terminal illnesses down to Disney World for an all expenses paid, five-day trip and we bring everybody in their family! Then we get together a few times each year for reunions to make sure we’re connected. We’ve built a network of 15 years of special needs families!

When I’m not working on the show, I’m probably doing one of three things…

1. Spending time with my boys: I have two amazing boys, Hayden and Hollis, who make me proud everyday. Hollis is the athlete. Hayden loves the arts. My job every day is to make sure they feel loved and safe and make sure are loving, capable gentlemen.

2. Traveling: I want to see the world. I’ve hiked in Venezuela, surfed in Costa Rica, almost drowned in Hawaii, driven beach buggies in Brazil, danced at midnight on a rooftop in Colombia, got caught in a sea storm off Capri, crashed a scooter in Greece, sailed around the Caribbean for Christmas…I actually am the most interesting man in the world, now that I think of it. Not that lame Dos Equis guy.

3. Working out: I love the gym. I love nutrition and body science. Staying fit has always been a big part of my life.

Thanks for giving the Bert Show a shot at your loyalty. We’re real. We’re funny. And I think it’s very different than anything you might have heard on morning radio.

KRISTIN KLINGSHIRN Co-Host & Entertainment News Director


I’ve been doing this radio thing since 2002. I love that my “job” is I get to laugh and joke around with my friends every day on the air. While we definitely have fun, we don’t shy away from tackling tough topics. Most importantly, it’s all about connecting with you, our listeners, who we consider family.

I’m a graduate of the University of Kentucky, which of course makes me a Wildcat through and through. Born and raised in Lexington, Kentucky, I’m southern in my roots and appreciate good hospitality and a perfect glass of sweet tea.

Coming from a military family, (my brother is a Marine and my father a Vietnam Veteran), I will always support the men and women of our Armed Forces. I’m also a big supporter of rescue shelters thanks to my two dogs, Parker Jones and Leeroy Brown.

I’m newly married and my husband has been committed to my craziness for over 11 years. When are we having kids? Trust me, when we do, you’ll be the first to know. We share everything on The Bert Show…and I mean everything.

It’s nice to escape to the entertainment world on a daily basis when I deliver the Entertainment Buzz. I enjoy getting caught up in the fashion and the glamour of the stars, while not taking it too seriously. And my happy place, besides being next to my husband and dogs of course, is in my bed binge watching my favorite shows on Netflix.

I’m a tough enough chick to where I can certainly hang with the boys and I’m extremely competitive. I attribute that to my high school basketball coach.

I still have a sensitive side, and being a part of Bert’s Big Adventure is what gives me purpose. The Bert Show pays the bills, Bert’s Big Adventure pays the soul.

I have a strong sense of family, friends, and female independence. Besides Zac Efron, the only other thing that makes me weak in the knees is a fabulous pair of shoes.

DAVI CRIMMINS Co-Host & Assistant Producer


I’m the girl who wears many hats here in The Bert Show studio! I’m Davi! You can find me on-air, editing audio, running the board, interviewing listeners on the street, sitting in on the Entertainment Buzz & facilitating our guests. The party starts at 5AM every Monday and it’s a privilege to be a part of The Bert Show “fam.” If you couldn’t already tell – I like to keep busy. 

I was born a beach baby in Pensacola, Florida. Shortly after, my parents pursued their dream of owning a farm and moving to the Mountain Momma, West Virginia.  I went from scooping sand to scooping poop from the likes of horses, chickens, buffalo, rabbits, ducks, geese, deer, and even two Capuchin Monkeys. I got a machete for my 8th birthday “for safety” and killed Copperheads with it. Challenge me to a FARM OFF, I dare ya. I played every sport I could from basketball, to softball, to track. But I hated the competitiveness and “smack-talk”. I only played because I enjoyed the unity of being part of a team with a common goal.  

When I was 16 I packed my bags, left the zoo behind, and moved to Georgia to finish school and chase my many dreams. The first stations I listened to as a resident? 99X and The Bert Show. I said, then and there, I would be on one of those stations one day.  I worked as a production techie and actor throughout high school and college. I spent many years working unpaid gigs while gathering critical knowledge and skill. By night I was a bartender and when morning came I worked brunch service to pay my bills. This left a few hours for sleep or auditions before I’d go back and do it all again. I joined an Elvis Tribute band. Then I was awarded an internship working in Promotions for Rock 100.5. I was performing dinner theatre in Little 5 Points in 2007 when a friend asked me to help with a “simple box step” dance number for the Dames Aflame. Soon after, I would add Burlesque to my list of skills. The lights, laughs, and sequins of this sensual world stole my heart. I had always been playing a character on stage. In this world the character was a more confident me – and I loved it. I began hosting burlesque shows and writing jokes to stall for time in between acts. This is where I started dabbling in stand up comedy. 

I started writing/producing/and hosting my own comedy variety shows and pageants in venues all over Atlanta, collaborating with many incredible local talents, including the band Blair Crimmins & The Hookers. I was instantly smitten with the piano playing, banjo strumming, jazz singer. We fell in love over mutual passion for all things vintage. I would say we’ve been inseparable ever since but he’s a touring musician. 

My internship turned into a part-time position at Cumulus Media as a script writer and producer. I hosted an on-air show on 99X overnights, just getting my feet wet as a DJ. I started submitting more content to the morning show, putting myself out there comedically and emotionally. I worked harder and longer hours. I did voiceover. I said yes to every opportunity and was awarded with tremendous knowledge which made me an integral employee at the station. This long road of eclectic tastes and unique talents led me to a promotion working full time with The Bert Show, a #1 rated morning show. It is on this show that I learned the strength and beauty that grows from vulnerability.  It’s easy to be funny. It takes a special kind of talent to be REAL.  I am so fortunate to be a part of this team. A team with a common goal of excellence and rising above. 

Nowadays, I own a home in Atlanta with my incredible composer husband, Blair Crimmins. 4 new albums and many miles later – we’ve been happily married since 2014. We have two fur-kids named Mama Cass and Banjo. My ever growing list of beloved hobbies now includes filmmaking and yoga. I love putting another stamp in my passport and look forward my trips every year.  You can still catch me performing all over town and doing stand up comedy – so follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Insta, etc. to stay in the know! 

Turn on your radio – I’ll make you giggle.



Maurice “Moe” Mitch is a successful comedian, podcast host, and actor. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Moe grew up very close with his parents, three younger sisters and family dog, Caesar. At a young age, he fell in love with the art of writing by expressing himself through songs and poetry. He attended college in Norfolk, Virginia, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Management.

After graduating, Moe moved to New York City to work in the music industry. During his time in New York, he was a facilities coordinator in the mail room for iHeart Media. Through a colleague he found other connections that lead him on his way into comedy. He started off by doing voice overs and writing commercials for actor and comedian, D.L. Hughley. He also held a few different roles with various comedic YouTube web series such as “Meet The Browns” and “Hip Hop Horror,” as well as starring in Best Buy commercials.

In 2016, he gathered the courage to take to the stage at “Grill OnThe Hill” in Harlem, New York, during a “New Mic” night. Once he got behind the mic, he knew he had found his calling; he has been performing in venues all over the country ever since. He spent the next couple years splitting his time between co-hosting a podcast called “Keep the Change” and launching his witty comedic astrology videos, “Moements – Why I Hate Your Sign.”

When not in-studio, Moe loves to spend his time boxing, songwriting and exploring his new home. In the meantime, Moe is always writing new material, performing stand-up and pursuing acting ventures.

“I am super excited to be a member of this amazing family and I hope to be someone you will feel as if you have known forever! A stand up and sometime sit-down comedian who is looking forward to filling people’s hearts with joy, using laughter as medicine. I use life experiences to help people experience life, its a beautiful place if you know where to look!”